EVESA´s workforce is highly skilled and specialized in each one of the jobs to be developed in the business.

That is why our technical team is highly trained to give each customer, not only what they really want, but also what they really need. More than 40 years interpreting our customer´s needs make EVESA the best option to develop a new product, process or any other kind of technical solution for your business.

EVESA offers the possibility to develop “Taylor made” products. Knowledge and experience through the years in Research and Innovation make EVESA the perfect partner to get the product that meet all your expectations.


EVESA has been in business since 1972. During all this years, it has mainly been processing its own raw materials to supply its own customers. On the other hand EVESA put at its customer´s disposal all the knowledge and expertise accumulated through the years to process their own raw materials, offering that way an excellence OUT-SOURCING service.

All along the years EVESA has become one of the reference as out-sourcing service company giving all the warranties concerning reliability, quality, safety and customer support.

The main processes we offer as out-sourcing company are:

  • Paprika powder production.
  • Paprika blends production.
  • Paprika oleoresin extraction and standardization.
  • Rosemary extraction.
  • Herb & spice oleoresins extraction and standardization.
  • Herb & spice essential oils extraction.
  • Other