One of the core products produced in EVESA is PAPRIKA OLEORESIN (ORP) in liquid form. A natural coloring agent used in the Food, Feed and Cosmetic Industry. ORP gives a range yellow to red color, and is used worldwide in meat products, soups, noodles, etc. Depending on the circumstances, can be declared as natural flavoring preparation or in other occasions as E-160c.

Botanical nomenclature.- Capsicum annuum L. (Fam. Solanaceae).
Preparation.- Obtained by hexane extraction of the fruit with the subsequent removal of the solvent. Appearance.- Dark red liquid of oily appearance.
Organoleptic properties.- Characteristic odor and flavor of paprika.

Brussel Tariff.- 1302.39.00.
CAS No.- 84625-29-6.
FEMA/GRAS.- 2834.
INS No.- E-160c  or natural flavouring preparation (CLEAN LABEL)

a) Food
– Meat preparations (sausages, chorizos, salamis & similar, baked goods, etc.)
– Fish preparations (canned and spiced seafood, surimi & similar, etc.)
– Beverages and drinks.
– Condiment, gravies, dressings, marinades and sauces (spice blends, ketchup, BBQ, mayonnaise, sweet and sour, harissa, margarines, etc.).
– Instant noodles and other pastas.
– Breadcrumbs, coats in batter, snacks, bakery, pastry and cereals.
– Confectionery, candies and jellies.
– Cheese, yoghurts, ice creams and other dairy products.
– Icings and ice sorbets.

b) Feed.- Carp fishing (boilies).

c) Cosmetics.- Shampoos, soaps, lipsticks.


–  Oil soluble.-         Quality range up to 200.000 c.u.
– Water soluble.-    Quality range up to 100.000 c.u.
– Sweet or Hot.-      Please consult

  • Flavoring preparation.-   More than 250 ppm capsaicinoids.
  • E-160c.-    Less than 100 ppm capsaicinoids.

– Odourless & Solvent Free.- Obtained by Molecular Distillation.
– Light & Heat Stable.- Products with different ranges of stability obtained by mixing it with natural antioxidants developed upon customer´s request.